Shady Maple Farms Maple Syrup, Pure Organic

US Grade B. 100% pure organic. USDA Organic. Resealable drip-free spout. Shady Maple Farms is proudly part of Citadelle's Maple Syrup Producers' Cooperative. When you buy our products, you buy directly from the coop. A time-honored tradition of superior product quality and refinement. Unlike many syrups and sugars, maple syrup is 100% natural and completely unrefined - retaining all the sap's nutritional elements as it's transformed into syrup. Best of all, maple syrup is made up of vitamins and nutrients that are an essential part of a daily diet. For more information on maple syrup nutritional value and for more recipe ideas, visit Certified by Ecocert Canada. Recyclable where facilities exist. Product of Canada.