Pyure® Bakeable Stevia Blend Powdered Sweetener 10 oz. Pouch

Equivalent sweetness of 5 lb of sugar! Sweetness from nature. Perfect for cooking & baking. 100% natural. Calorie-free. Sweetened with Pyure Organic Stevia. Measures cup for cup like sugar. Gluten-free. Preferred taste for a healthy lifestyle. Sweetened with Pyure Organic Stevia Extract. What if you could enjoy all of your favorite baked goods while also reducing your sugar intake? Pyure Brands is thrilled to introduce Pyure Stevia Sweetener Bakeable Blend. This amazing new bakeable sweetener gives you the ability to create delicious baked goods and reduce the calories that normally come from adding sugar to your recipe. Sweetened with Pyure Organic Stevia, our bakeable blend shares the same deliciously sweet taste you can find in all of our products. We know that you and your family will love creating low sugar treats - all with excellent taste and no artificial sweeteners. With Pyure Stevia Sweetener Bakeable Blend, you can truly have your cake and eat it too! Wishing you happy baking, Benjamin Fleischer, Founder & CEO. Pyure Baking Tips & Additional Uses: Replace half the sugar in recipes with Pyure Bakeable Blend for best results; Reduce pan size & baking temp by 25%, reduce salt; Add an additional egg white or slightly increase baking powder/soda; Add buttermilk or fruit preps or moistness; Excellent in hot & cold beverages, yogurt, smoothies, cereals, etc. Note: In some recipes, Pyure Stevia Bakeable Blend may offer minimal calories. Learn about the sweet line of Pyure Organic and All-Natural products at Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Pyure Stevia Sweetener & Bakeable Blend contains 2 calories per serving, which the FDA considers dietetically zero. Suitable for people with diabetes. Made in the USA.