Frank's RedHot Chile and Lime Seasoning Blend, 5.43 oz

Frank's RedHot Chile ‘N Lime Seasoning Blend is a spicy heat wave of chiles blended with a tangy burst of citrus. A south-of-the-border match made in heaven, shake it on seafood, fries, chicken, fruit … everything! This perfect blend of flavor and heat spices up all your foods without setting your mouth on fire. It’s like a Mexican cantina in a seasoning shaker. A balance of spicy heat with zesty lime, it’s just right for tacos, nachos, burritos, salsa and guacamole. Use this blend as an easy shake-on seasoning for weeknight chicken, pork chops, salmon and chili. A sprinkle on slices of fresh pineapple, mango or cucumber adds citrusy zing. Try it on the grill – shake that $#!t on shrimp or chicken kabobs, elotes and veggies.