Hershey's No Bake Chocolate Mousse Dessert Kit with Filling Mix, Cust Mix & Fudge Topping, 12.7 oz Box

Hershey's No Bake Chocolate Mousse Dessert Mix allows you to make a yummy no bake dessert without even turning on your oven. Each 12.7 ounce package contains mousse mix, chocolate crust mix and chocolate fudge topping so you can create the indulgent taste of Hershey's you love. Simply add milk and butter to create a delicious, classic mousse in minutes with no oven needed! Perfect for holiday gatherings, parties, picnics or just as a regular treat, this mousse is the perfect no bake dessert. This Hershey's chocolate dessert is sure to please your friends and family with its smooth, velvety texture and rich, creamy flavor. Each enclosed package of ingredients is individually sealed.