Spike Gourmet Natural Seasoning Garlic

Salt free. Gourmet natural. Spike is the seasoning sensation originally created in the Italian kitchens of internationally acclaimed gourmet nutritionist Gayelord Hauser. Spike Garlic Magic! is a unique, dry, 100% granular garlic; salt free, with nothing else added! Spike Garlic Magic! dissolves quickly and evenly in foods adding delicious pure garlic flavor without any mess or preparation. Use Spike Garlic Magic! to season soups, stews, chowders, sauces, gravies, stuffings and dressings. Cooks just like fresh! One-quarter teaspoon of Spike Garlic Magic! replaces one clove fresh garlic. Don't just season it, Spike it! Spike Garlic Magic! adds flavor, not calories! Contains no chemical free flowing agents. Add a healthy dose of flavor with Spike! For recipe suggestions and other product information, please visit our web site. www.modernfearn.com.