McCormick Tasty Zingy Seasoning, 1.8 oz

Tasty Zingy Cilantro, Lime Zest + Garlic Seasoning has got the zing to make your food sing! Created by McCormick and the chefs behind the Tasty videos, this seasoning is made with cilantro, lime zest and garlic, giving it the perfect amount of kick. You won't be able to resist cooking with this flavor gem. It’s delish on chicken, steak and seafood. Chef’s tip: Spice up guac, avo toast or shrimp with Tasty Zingy. It gives your dishes that extra something that will make everyone think you’re some kind of magical wizard in the kitchen. Yep, that kind of good. Enjoy Tasty Zingy Seasoning and our four other Tasty seasonings by McCormick to make every meal so much tastier.