Duncan Hines Signature California Walnut Brownie Mix, 17.6 OZ

Whip up an impressive chocolate dessert in no time with Duncan Hines Signature California Walnut Brownie Mix. California walnuts add a crunchy, delicious contrast to the rich chocolate flavor in this chocolate brownie mix. Satisfy your sweet tooth with these walnut brownies any day, or whip up a batch to take to your next party or office food day. Just add oil, eggs and water to the mix to enjoy brownies with nuts with less work. Bake the brownies up to 38 minutes depending on your pan size. This 17.6 ounce box makes enough batter for an 8 by 8 or 9 by 9 inch pan. From decadent brownie mix, to single serve desserts, Duncan Hines has you covered when you’re ready to bake and create.