Heinz Genuine Whole Original Sour Dill Pickles, 24 fl oz Jar

Heinz Genuine Whole Dill Pickles deliver the classic dill flavor and crunchy texture you know and love. Stored in an original curing brine with white vinegar and natural flavoring, these genuine pickles are a delicious and easy snack for any occasion. With no calories, no fat, no cholesterol and no sugars, this jar of pickles makes a wonderful treat for the whole family. Whole pickles are the perfect afternoon snack, and they pack a satisfying crunch. Pair whole pickles with sandwiches, burgers and hot dogs, or enjoy a tasty pickle snack on its own whenever a craving hits. These pickles are packaged in a resealable 24 fluid ounce glass jar to lock in flavor in the fridge. From pickles to relish, Heinz creates common condiments done uncommonly well.