Hellmann's Mayonnaise Homestyle, 60 oz

Hellmann's Gluten-Free Homestyle Mayonnaise lets you enjoy the rich, creamy flavor of homemade mayonnaise anytime you want — with no whisking or blending required. Our recipe uses 40% more eggs than Hellmann's Real Mayonnaise Sandwich Spread for an exceptionally smooth and flavorful mayo that is the perfect addition to sandwiches, salads and dips. We especially love it in hearty salads like potato salad, pasta salad and coleslaw. One of the most classic condiments in anyone's arsenal, mayonnaise is delicious in all kinds of recipes, spreads and dishes. Now you can enjoy the delicious flavors of homestyle mayo without having to whip up a fresh batch yourself. Hellmann's uses real eggs and yolks, vinegar and other natural ingredients to deliver tried and true taste in every jar. From tuna sandwiches to turkey clubs and all kinds of cookout side dishes, this is your secret ingredient for making every bite irresistible. Using 40% more eggs than Hellmann's Real Mayonnaise makes for a luxurious texture and ultra-rich taste. Since it debuted its first mayonnaise recipe all the way back in 1913, Hellmann's has always been known for real, simple ingredients — and this condiment is no exception. Containing no artificial flavors or high-fructose corn syrup, it's certified kosher and made with simple ingredients for a delicious homemade taste.