Dorset Cereals Cereal, Super Cranberry Cherry & Almond

An exquisite blend of cranberries, cherries and almonds with Chilean flame raisins, sultanas, sunflower seeds and toasted cereals. Good source of fiber. Contains 4.5 g of total fat per serving. 50% Fruit, nuts & seeds. Good to Know: Good source of fiber; contains 4.5 g of total fat per serving. See nutrition facts for fat content; no added preservatives; registered kosher - London Beth Din; UK vegetarian society approved. Did you Know?: Cranberries were first called crane berries because of teh cranes that used to feed on them; cranberries are harvested by flooding the plants with water. The cranberries float up to the surface and are skimmed off; sultanas are grapes which have been dried quickly to preserve their light color and taste. Best Enjoyed: Serve with milk, yogurt or fruit juice for a delicious and nutritious breakfast or anytime snack. We're from Poundbury, the English village created by the vision of HRH Prince Charles. Poundbury is in the ancient and beautiful county of Dorset, renowned for its spectacular coastline, gentle rolling hills and winding country lanes. Look, no dust! We're always trying to get better and better, so we'd love to hear from you with any ideas you might have. We believe that life is too short to settle for second best and that simple honest pleasures are often the most rewarding. We take delicious things and add some more delicious things, then we blend them together. We try lots of combinations. The ones everyone here likes, we make. It's a bit like life - some things just go together. You can't beat a good walk on a sunny day or an ice cream on the beach, or cherries and almonds, except maybe if you add some cranberries, so we did. Simple, but then the best things in life usually are.