Nature's Path Organic Coconut Cashew Gluten Free Granola 11oz Pouch

Nature's Path Coconut & Cashew Butter Granola is a firm fan favorite - large crunchy granola clusters are full of creamy cashew butter, coconut chunks, delicious cashews, natural sweetness and a touch of sea salt to bring out all the flavors. You’d be nuts not to love this plant based granola with its deliciously crunchy texture and nutrient-dense ingredients. Hearty organic whole grain oats and coconut chunks offer a boost of healthy fiber for great digestion, and cashews a rich in healthy fats and plant based protein. Each serving of this gluten-free, vegan granola contains 12g of whole grains, 3g of plant based protein, and only 6g of sugar. We believe it’s important to start the day right, and that’s why we created this deliciously tasty granola, filled with simple, whole food, organic and non-GMO ingredients.