KIND Oatmeal, Apple Cinnamon and Almond

KIND Apple Cinnamon Almond Oatmeal brings multidimensional taste and texture to your morning meal. These oatmeal packets combine 100% whole grain oats as the #1 ingredient, along with sliced almonds, apples and cinnamon to deliver a satisfying flavor and crunch in every bite. This quick oatmeal gives you sustained energy from 100% whole grain oats to help you get your morning off to a good start, and has a palate-pleasing texture that won’t go mushy. Enjoy this delicious, Apple Cinnamon Almond oatmeal at home, or toss in your bag as part of a quick, healthy breakfast at the office. Simply add hot water or your choice of milk for a tasty bowl in minutes. Each serving is a good source of fiber* and contains 5 grams of protein to start your morning right. These kosher, low sodium, gluten free oatmeal packets are made without genetically engineered ingredients. *4.5 grams of fat in each packet