Red Gold Tomatoes, Stewed

Sliced in Juice. No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Gluten free. A cholesterol & fat free food. Non GMO Project Verified. Non GMO Ingredients. Family owned. Since 1942, the red gold family has been producing premium quality tomato products. To produce the freshest, best tasting tomato products in the world has been our mission since we started serving our troops during WWII. We start with the highest quality tomato plants and raise them in an ideal climate.. because the midwest has just the right temperature, consistent rainfall, plenty of sun, and some of the richest topsoil in North America Thanks to the minerals deposited from a glacier during the Ice age. Our vine-ripened Roma Tomatoes are selected for optimum heartiness, texture, sweetness, color and consistency and sustainably grown with meticulous care on local multi-generation family farms. The diversity of our tomato products from whole peeled tomatoes to ketchup, sauces and salsas is unparalleled. Be assured that you will find quality throughout our entire product line.. because quality begins with the best tomatoes! Our fourth generation family-owned company remains committed to having the best quality tomato products, employees, growers, and customer service in the industry. You can trust the red gold family of brands: Red Gold, redpack, sacramento, vine ripe, migliore, teresa and huy fong sriracha tomato products. Enjoy, The Reicharts. For more information visit Non-BPA Liner. Sustainably produced. 100% recyclable. Non BPA/BPS liner. Produced in USA.