Tetley® Iced Tea Blend Premium Black Tea Bags 24 ct Box

Specially crafted blend for iced tea. Since 1837. New & improved. Authentic Southern iced tea. Tetley introduces a new iced tea blend with a southern twist. Tetley master blenders have crafted this recipe with 12% Nilgiri teas to give you a refreshing pitcher of iced-tea. Nilgiris or The Blue Mountains are a breathtaking range of hills in southern India and home to some of the highest grown teas in the world. A unique combination of fragrance and crispness; these make some of the best iced teas. Never turns bitter. Never clouds. Naturally sweet. Enjoy a pitcher of Tetley's refreshed blend; a lively, medium-bodied iced tea with smooth tea notes and subtle natural sweetness. Perfect way to quench your thirst! Did you enjoy your cup of Tetley? Let us know by visiting www.tetleyusa.com. facebook.com/tetleyusa. 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified Tea: Tetley is working with the Rainforest Alliance, a non-profit organization dedicated to sustainability and conservation around the world. We are committed to ensuring a better life for our farmers, better tea for you and a better environment for everyone. We are a member of Ethical Tea Partnership. www.ethicalteapartnership.org. Made in Georgia.