Paisley Brand Tea Tea, Organic, Chai

20 individually wrapped traditional tea bags. Organic. Fair trade. From two leaves tea company. USDA organic. Fair Trade certified. Non GMO Project Verified - Gluten free. What do you value? If it's organic, fair trade products, this is one value-able box of tea. Farmers where our tea is sourced receive a fair price for their harvest along with safe working conditions. We are committed to socially responsible practices so you can enjoy an exceptional cup of tea with a clear conscience. More than one Might Expect: Can we squeeze all the flavor of great tea into a traditional tea bag? Certainly. Paisley Brand Tea features more tea in each bag - 10% more, in fact - more tea bags in each box, and each one with great tasting organic and fair trade tea. That's something we all value. Spicing Things Up: Black tea mixed with traditional Indian spices create an exotic, bold and spicy tea. Add milk and honey for a spirited, flavorful cup. Contains Caffeine: 1/2 of a cup of coffee. The Story of Paisley: British by way of India, the paisley pattern, like tea, became popular in the 17th century. Our Paisley blends are inspired by great traditional tea - multilayered, complex and bold, just like the paisley pattern. Black Tea Fair Trade Certified by FairTradeUSA.orh. Gluten-free and vegan. Certified organic by QAI, Inc. Packed in USA.