ineeka Green Limon - 14 CT

Whole Leaf Pre-Measured Brew Tache. Ingenuity is the difference - Enhanced with tangy fragrant undertones, this deliciously mysterious composition is delivered in a bold nouveau tea innovation. Cultivating consciousness. USDA Organic. New beginnings - The lightness of Green tea accentuated by the parfume bouquet of Lemongrass to seduce your senses. Enliven the discerning palate and connect with the richness of our heritage. Each Brew Tache - an individual infuser - contains premeasured whole leaves for a cup of tea. Your cup, hot water and a willing palate are all that is needed for this superlative experience. Eliminate pots, strainers and cleanup for a whole leaf tea masterpiece. Certified organic by CCOF as per USDA NOP and IFOAM International Standards.