Celestial Seasonings® Fast Lane® Caffeinated Black Tea Bags 20 ct Box

100% natural teas. Our legendary Fast Lane high-energy caffeinated tea starts with robust black tea leaves from places like Assam and the Indonesian island of Java. We then pack in extra caffeine, cola nut and eleuthero to create something extraordinary and strong. And with spicy cinnamon, nutmeg and licorice and board, Fast Lane's uniquely exciting taste is a welcome break from coffee. When you really need to stay in high gear, grab some Fast Lane - quickly! Caffeine Meter: Double Espresso - 160; Fast Lane Tea - 110; Drip Coffee - 90; Cola - 45; Chocolate Bar - 25; Decaffeinated Coffee - 5; Herbal Tea - 0 (average milligrams of caffeine per 8-oz cup or equivalent). 100% natural. This product contains all-natural ingredients and flavors, and no artificial colors and preservatives. 100% recycled. We print our boxes on 100% recycled paperboard (35% post-consumer material). Ethical Trade: We’ve been working to establish sustainable harvests and fair wages for more than 30 years. By buying this product, you're supporting ethical trading practices that benefit the people and areas that produce our ingredients. Thank you! Gluten free. Contains caffeine. Our Natural Heritage: In 1969, Celestial Seasonings began picking fresh herbs in the forests and canyons of the Rocky Mountains and blending them to create healthy, flavorful teas. This tradition of turning the best of nature into delicious taste experiences continues to this day. We have never used artificial colors, flavors or preserves, and every Celestial Seasonings product is still made with the highest quality all-natural ingredients available. Moderation is a fatal thing; nothing succeeds like excess - Oscar Wilde.