Sunny D Orange Strawberry Citrus Punch 64 oz

Artificially flavored citrus punch. 60 calories per 8 fl oz serving. 100% vitamin C. What does the D stand for? Truth is, it stands for a lot of things. Things like Delight. Duuuude. And Drink-it-all-up. Oh, and another thing it stands for? Dang. As in Dang, that's a bold, refreshing one-of-a kind drink! In the summer of '63, a couple of Florida dads stood in an orange grove and agreed, Good. But we can do better. With a firm handshake, they vowed to create the tastiest, most boldly original orange drink on the planet with a splash of strawberry flavor, they mixed things up even more. And SunnyD orange strawberry was born. Legendary flavor. 100% of your vitamin C. Facebook: Join us at Questions? Comments? Please recycle.