Simply Orange Orange Juice Low Acid Pulp Free

Simply Orange® Orange Juice Low Acid Pulp Free. New! Non GMO**. Fresh taste guaranteed. Not from concentrate. 100% Reduced acid. Pure squeezed. Pasteurized orange juice with calcium. 110 Calories per 8 fl oz serving. 1.75 L (1.8 qt) 59 fl oz. A full day's supply of vitamin C. Good source of calcium. *Ingredients not found in regular orange juice. Contains orange juice. From countries identified on bottle neck. Please recycle. Pasteurized. Naturally sodium free. No water or preservatives added. **Oranges are not genetically engineered. Product questions & fresh taste guaranteed info call 1-800-871-2653. Plant bottle. Up to 30% Made from plants 100% Recyclable plastic bottle. ©2016 Simply Orange Juice Company.