Papa Nicholas Family Reserve Whole Bean Kona Baru Blend

Nicholas A. Papanicholas. 11 degrees of separation. The Kona Baru Blend is a specialty design blend that we originally called volcano blend. Both the Kona region in Hawaii and the Baru Volcan region in Panama share a critical characteristic - deep, rich volcanic soil. This soil infuses a taste profile which is sweet, lightly acidic and very full bodied. FYI, Kona Coffee is grown at a latitude that is 11 degrees north of the Baru Volcan region. BF: bird friendly. SG: shade grown. Because every day is a special occasion! Several times a year we travel to the finest coffee producing areas of the world, on a mission to find spectacular coffees. The hunt for these exotic beans has become an obsession, and once we do find the bean, we often discover that the quantity available is very limited. As our relationship with these expert farmers has grown over the years, we continue to reserve larger quantities of their precious beans. These exceptional coffees, when roasted to optimization, and blended precisely, deliver a cup of coffee with brilliant taste, exquisite body and superior aromatic essence. Origin/Country/Estate: Hawaii/USA/Kona Blue Sky/Baru Volcan/Panama/Carmen.