Stok Cold Brew Almondmilk Mocha Coffee Beverage 48 oz

Naturally Flavored. Gluten free. Vegan Certified. Approximately 130 mg caffeine per 12 oz serving. Boldness has many forms: How bold of you to try new things. Imagine your ideal cold brew with a just right level of almondmilk creaminess let your mind go. This brew is well balanced and creamy, not too sweet. Almondmilk is the reliable sidekick: Stok Cold Brew is the always bold hero. Together, they're unbeatable. We won't let your coffee dream down. Bold. Smooth. Creamy. And dairy free. Smooth Almondmilk. Creamy, with a note of nuttiness. We do cold brew with almondmilk right-never too sweet. If dairy-free is your thing, this is your Stok. Cold Brewed Low & Slow: Hot brewing forces flavor from the bean. We steep our responsibly sourced arabica beans at lower temps for at least 10 slow hours, then add a shot of espresso to round it out. Coffee comes first: we’ve got nothing against a little sweetness or flavor. But when you taste Stok, you taste coffee. Really amazing coffee. And that’s on purpose. UTZ Certified Coffee: The coffee in this product was grown by UTZ certified farmers.