SToK Oatmilk Latte Cold Brew Coffee, 48 Oz.

Why Oatmilk?Oatmilk adds an ideal level of creaminess while letting the coffee taste come through lour and clear. So it's smooth, creamy, not too sweet. Oatmilk makes perfection possible. Cold-Brewed Low & Slow®Hot brewing forces flavor from the bean. We steep our responsibly sourced Arabica beans at lower temps for at least 10 slow hours, then add a shot of espresso to round it out. Coffee Comes FirstWe've got nothing against a little sweetness or flavor. But when you taste STOK, you taste coffee. Really amazing coffee. And that's on purpose.Look at you go.™ Trust Us It's TastyMemo to the curious: STOK with oatmilk is creamy-smooth. It has a low-key personality that hangs out in the back seat and lets the coffee taste drive you forward.That's exactly why many baristas are switching to oatmilk over other dairy-free options. Oatmilk is our barista's secret, and we're letting you in on it.Still curious? Here's our STOK Oath: If you don't love the way STOK Cold Brew Coffee with oatmilk tastes, we'll give your money back.*For real. Call us on it at 1-866-234-4319We Won't Let Your Coffee Dreams Down. Not Too Sweet Trust Us It's Tasty Bold, Smooth, Creamy, and Dairy Free