Gerber Mealtime for Toddler, Yellow Rice and Chicken with Vegetables in Sauce Toddler Food, 6.67 oz Tray

Gerber Lil Entrees Yellow Rice and Chicken with Vegetables in Sauce offers wholesome nutrition for toddlers with none of the hassle. This Gerber chicken baby food includes yellow rice, sauce and a full serving of veggies, including green beans and carrots, for delicious Gerber toddler meals. Made with love and no preservatives, this toddler food is a good source of protein with 5 grams per serving and an excellent source of vitamin A. Specially designed to meet your toddler's development needs, this Gerber baby food has a taste and texture toddlers love and encourages your little one to practice self-feeding. Chicken and rice are carefully cooked for just the right amount of time and sealed up tight in BPA-free packaging for convenient use with no need for refrigeration. Heat in the microwave for a quick meal or toddler snack. Cover and refrigerate after opening and discard unused portions after 2 days.