Paisley Brand Tea Tea, Organic, Decaf English Breakfast

20 individually wrapped traditional tea bags. Organic. Fair trade. From two leaves tea company. USDA organic. Fair Trade certified. Non GMO Project Verified - Gluten free. What do you value? If it's organic, fair trade products, this is one value-able box of tea. Farmers where our tea is sourced receive a fair price for their harvest along with safe working conditions. We are committed to socially responsible practices so you can enjoy an exceptional cup of tea with a clear conscience. More than One Might Expect: Can we squeeze all the flavor of great tea into a traditional tea bag? Certainly. Paisley Brand Tea features more tea in each bag - 10% more, in fact - more tea bags in each box, and each one with great tasting organic and fair trade tea. That's something we all value. Decaf, why bother? Unlike other decaffeination processes, CO2 decaffeination is both harmless to your health and eco-friendly. We decaffeinate in small batches at low temperatures to preserve the tea's natural flavors. Decaffeinated! The Story of Paisley: British by way of India, the paisley pattern, like tea, became popular in the 17th century. Our Paisley blends are inspired by great traditional tea - multilayered, complex and bold, just like the paisley pattern. Black Tea Fair Trade Certified by Gluten-free and vegan. Certified organic. Packed in USA.