Oyra Breakfast Biscuits, Ancient Greek Grains Cinnamon Tahini

All natural. Non GMO. Sustained energy. 24 g whole grains (per serving). 6 g protein (per serving). Olympic runners. Modern food philosophy. Ancient: 2600 years ago, ancient Greeks developed a very sophisticated diet. It helped them nourish their creativity and sustain through battles. Greek: We have encapsulated this wisdom in the OLYRA biscuit recipe. A mix of grains together with delicious fruits and spices produced in the same land as our ancestors. Grains: An ideal blend of spelt, oat, barley and lupine in a breakfast biscuit using absolutely nothing artificial. The perfect way to start your day! Oats. Spelt. Barley. Lupine. All natural ingredients! Start your day as an olympic runner! Victors of the ancient olympics were honored like heroes, and their achievements were narrated in future generations. Olympic runners trained daily to improve their speed and stamina following a refined diet of ancient grains and fruits. For breakfast, they usually chose energizing grains like sesame and delighting spices like cinnamon. Enjoy on the go as part of a balanced breakfast: with fruit; with milk; with honey & jam; dip greek yogurt; with coffee & tea. Olyra name first appears in Homer's IIiad verses as a description of Ancient Grains. The wise Athenian Philosophers - the fearless Spartan Warriors: these were the heroes of my childhood. Ancient Greeks' courage, creativity and holistic life approach has always inspired me. Their sophisticated diet of grains, fruits and herbs kept them healthy and sharp. We have harnessed the expertise from five generations of my family's milling business. Today, we bring you the power of Ancient Greek ingredients in the convenience of an on the go breakfast biscuit! Yarris Varellas. Founder & CEO. Discover the taste of hazelnuts carob, fig anise. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Dispose of properly. Please recycle. www.alyrafoods.com. Product of Greece.