Overnight Oats Oats Bar, Banana Nut

4 g sugar. 10 g whey protein. Gluten Free: If you're living that gluten-free lifestyle, we've got your back. There is no gluten in any of our products. Made with 26% organic ingredients. Gluten Free and Non-GMO: Overnight Oats is independently lab tested to verify product compliance with gluten free and non-GMO labeling standards. Good Source of Fiber: The grains and fruit in each bar are here to help you get some yummy fiber in your diet, so you can win the day! Non-GMO. Non-GMO: We wouldn't put anything unhealthy in our overnight oats, so why would we put them in these bars? Eat up and enjoy! Each Overnight Oats Bar starts off the same way you make them at home. We only use hand-rolled oats and let each batch rest until they are ready for real fruit and then pressed and cut into the bars inside this box. Overnight Oats, Simplified: We at Overnight Oats Bar love making overnight oats at home, but also wanted to make them simple and portable so you could enjoy them anytime and anywhere. We like to keep our bars in the fridge and enjoy them cold, but they are just as good straight out of your pantry, backpack or pocket. Hand-rolled oats. overnightoatsbar.com. Twitter. Instagram. Facebook. (at)overnightoatsbar. Visit us at overnightoatsbar.com. Try our other Overnight Oats Bars! Apple Cinnamon. Classic Blueberry.