Osem Israeli Matzah Chocolate Covered Orange

Osem® Israeli Matzah Chocolate Covered Orange. Flavored chocolate. Kosher for passover & all year round. Net Wt 7 oz (198 g). There's one reason Osem products are served in more than 70 countries worldwide: Quality. From our matzah to our snack foods, and from our mini croutons to soups, desserts and canned goods - everything we sell must be lip-smacking good, while passing the most rigorous possible standards for ingredients, cleanliness and Kashruth. So start a new tradition: Osem for passover, and all year round! All rights reserved. For comments contact us at: 1-800-200-OSEM (6736). E-mail: comments@osemusa.com. © Osem USA 2013.