Oscar Mayer Jumbo Chicken Uncured Franks

Oscar Mayer kept what you loved and took out what you didnt in Oscar Mayer Jumbo Chicken Franks. These plump and juicy franks are made with 100% chicken meat, no artificial preservatives and no by-products, so you can enjoy the great taste and quality you expect. Serve these uncured hot dogs with ketchup and mustard for traditional flavor, or pour barbecue sauce over them for a tangy kick. Whether you warm them up in the kitchen or char them on the grill, Oscar Mayer Jumbo Uncured Chicken Franks are fully cooked and ready for your next backyard grill or campfire dinner. Packed in a 15 ounce resealable vacuum-sealed pouch, these chicken hot dogs are perfect for part of a meal for the whole family.