Organic Valley Yogurt, Lowfat, Live Organic, Vanilla

1% Milkfat. With live probiotics & inulin. Immunity thrive digestion. Farmer-owned. USDA organic. Pour it. Drink it. Blend it. Get cultured with thrive. What makes live organic yogurt-and you-thrive? Start with the best: delicious milk, fresh from our well-loved cows. Add billions of live probiotic cultures which stay active to the expiration date. Plus inulin, to nourish probiotic growth in your digestive tract. The result: live active cultures to boost your body's digestive and immune system. You might say it's a cooperative venture just like Organic Valley itself. Produced without antibiotics, synthetic hormones & pesticides. Excellent source of calcium. Made with organic Fair Trade vanilla & organic agave nectar. No added gums or stabilizers. Grade A. Oregon Tilth certified organic.