Organic Valley Organic Extra-Large Brown Eggs Grade A - 12 CT

Organic Valley® Organic Grade A Extra-Large Brown Eggs -12. CA sees complaint. Omega-3 superior source of Omega-3 DHA**. High quality protein. Fresh from our California family farms. Mainland. We never use: Antibiotics. Synthetic hormones*. Toxic pesticides. GMOs. Humanely raised in California. USDA organic. *Synthetic hormones are not allowed in the production of eggs per USDA regulation. **Each egg contains 60mg of DHA, which is 46% of the 130mg daily value. Oregon Tilth Certified Organic. Omega-3. **225mg of omega-3 and 60mg of DHA! (46% RDI). Organic Grade A omega-3 extra-large brown eggs. Fresh from our family farms. The omega-3 eggs you love come to you fresh from our California family farms committed to the highest organic standards. You can rest assured that we never use antibiotics, synthetic hormones*, toxic pesticides or GMOs. Our hens are fed an organic diet and are treated humanely, giving you nutritious, great-tasting eggs. 100% recycled & recyclable carton. 1-888-444-6455. Become a farm friend at