One Village Coffee Coffee, Whole Bean, Light Roast, Ethiopia Shakiso

Roaster. Growers. Coffee drinker. My family traveled around the world meeting people who were making a difference in their communities, and we were inspired by their courage, joy, and resilience. We dreamed of creating a business that captured their communal power. In 2007, we launched One Village Coffee to connect roasters, growers, and you (our faithful coffee drinker) through great coffee and a dedication to making an impact - together. This is why we became a founding B Corp and why we joined forces with farmers to co-own One Village Coffee in 2018. Thanks for making a difference with us! You are now a part of One Village - A community of people working together to better themselves and those around them. Welcome home! - Andrea, President & Co-Founder. Processing Method: Natural. That's the right idea bottoms up! (hashtag)onevillage. (at)1villagecoffee. Certified B Corporation. 100% compostable.