Olay Golden Aura Melting Soufflé Moisturizer Air Finish, 1.7 oz.

Sold exclusively online for skin care insiders like you, Olay Golden Aura Souffle Face Moisturizer delivers 1,000x the moisture of its own weight for 24 hours of hydration. This trending face cream in Asia features the latest skin care innovation from Olay: Golden Yeast Peptide. Thanks to a multi-decade clinical study, Olay discovered that skin loses its ability to repair itself as we age. Golden Yeast Extract with 100+ peptides reverses visible signs of aging. This unique formula paired with Vitamin B3 replenishes hydration to increase skin’s firmness in 5 days for firm skin that lasts. To use this facial moisturizer, simply press the unique airless pump and apply. It flawlessly melts into your skin for a soft, smooth finish — just like a souffle. The airless pump design preserves the skin care formula, and gives you the perfect amount without wasting a drop. SKIN SOUFFLE: For normal or oily skin, this face moisturizer holds 1,000x its weight for long-lasting, head-turning moisturization DREAMY FACE CREAM: This whipped, creamy moisturizer instantly melts into skin for a beautifully-soft & touchably-smooth finish GOLDEN YEAST PEPTIDE: Like a super food for skin, it combines golden yeast extract & 100+ peptides to replenish collagen, increase elasticity & strengthen skin with Vitamin B3 AIRLESS PUMP: Preserves its ingredients & that youthful glow thanks to its breakthrough airless pump that’s designed to hold powerful potency; just press and apply FIRMER SKIN IN 5 DAYS: Magically increases skin’s firmness in 5 days by delivering long-lasting hydration TAKE HOME GOLD: This trending moisturizer on the Asian market is the only Olay moisturizer with golden yeast extract — an exclusive new formula that hydrates to reverse visible signs of aging