Nicas Coffee, Organic, Nicaraguan Supremo, Breakfast Blend, Cup

USDA Organic. Organic Certified Bio Latina. Ometepe sunrise. Premium slow rooster. Strictly high grown. Arabica coffee. For use by owners of Keurig K-Cup machines Nica's Coffee and Nica's cup have no affiliation with Keurig Inc. or K-Cup. 2.0 compatible. Nicaragua Country of Lakes and Volcanoes: A tropical country placed in the heart of Central America. This tropical paradise surrounded by two oceans with enormous lakes and astonishing volcanoes, creates perfect conditions for the development of our coffee plantations, so experts describe our coffee as Unique and Perfectly Balanced. Single origin coffee. It's a Tradition That Evolves in Our Time! More than six decades of coffee family Growers that passionately bring you a perfect coffee. Harvested in our rainforest, where our expert workers picked only the ripest beans. We follow strict quality controls from our plantations to our final product. Our coffee is shade grown, washed, sun-dried, and manually sorted using the great tradition and experience of our people. Ometepe Sunrise: The splendorous Ometepe Island brings you our lightest roast which wakes you up gently, with its perfect sweet-acid taste, mild body and enjoyable aroma. Phone: (505) 2775 4820. info(at) This carton is made with 100% recycled paperboard with a minimum 35% post-consumer content. Please recycle!