Nicas Coffee, Organic, Ground, Medium Roast, Nicaraguan Supremo

100% Arabica coffee. Organic Certificate by mayacert. We are committed to share the best Nicaraguan coffee with the world! We are proud of our origin. We pray tribute to it through our coffee tradition and name. As a third generation farmer family business, our experience in growing, picking, roasting and brewing coffee, has already surpassed 100 years. Thanks to this expertise and our self-sourced process, we believe we not only make a specialty coffee, but what we make is truly special. We don't just import coffee from origin. We bring you coffee, with origin! 100% Arabica supremo; self-sourced from our family farms. Naturally sun dried. Roasted at origin in Matagalpa. Shade grown at 3000 ft. Proud to be Nica. Experts since 1918. Follow us on Facebook; Instagram. Coffee with origin traceable, sustainable & ethical.