NESTLE Oh Henry!, 100 Grand, Baby Ruth & Butterfinger Candy Bar Variety Pack 2.12 lb. Bag

This assorted bag features 63 individually wrapped pieces of our most popular chocolatey treats - 100 Grand, Baby Ruth, Butterfinger, and Oh Henry! It’s one-stop Halloween candy shopping in a single bag ! Contains 63 pieces of Halloween candy An awesome assortment of delicious Nestle candy including Baby Ruth, Butterfinger, 100 Grand, and Oh Henry! No artificial flavors or colors - added colors from natural sources Individually wrapped pieces of Halloween candy Butterfinger bar is Gluten Free Perfect variety for trick-or-treaters Halloween candy, trick-or-treating, candy, chocolates, mixed candy bag, classic candy favorites, assorted candy, nostalgic candy, chocolate variety bag, candy bags, peanut flavored candy bar, candy bars with nougat, chocolate bar with caramel, candy bar with peanuts, candy, chocolate, chocolate candy, chocolate bar, candy bar, fun size, candy bowl