Native Forest Grapefruit, Organic

100% organic. USDA organic. Organic grapefruit segments in organic grapefruit juice. Vegan. Gluten free. Certified organic by QAI. Convenience without compromise. Native Forest Organic Grapefruit are grown according to principles of organic agriculture. We believe organic farming benefits the land, the farmer, the food - and all of us! The grapefruit is a natural hybrid of the pummelo and the orange. Only discovered about 300 years ago, it is a relative newcomer in the world of fruits. It's healthful qualities and complex flavors are exceptional. Low in calories yet rich in vitamin C, grapefruit is stimulating to the digestive system thanks to its bitter properties from a flavonoid called Naringin. It is widely believed that, for most people, including grapefruit as part of a healthy, balanced diet can benefit weight loss efforts while promoting overall well being. Native Forest Organic Grapefruit features deliciously sweet and tart fruit segments packed in their own organic grapefruit juice. Grapefruit lovers will enjoy them straight from the can or mix the plump segments into wonderful fruit salads. Native Forest Organic Grapefruit Segments are produced in a facility that is both HACCP and organic certified. From the farmer's field to the final package, independent monitoring of regulated procedures is your assurance of product safety and organic integrity. Product of China.