Nancys Yogurt, Lowfat, Probiotic, Plain

Low fat. Gluten free. 1.5% milk fat. Billions of live probiotics. Since 1960. 41 Billion live probiotics in every serving (CFU: Colony Forming Units: Counts are averages taken at time of expiration date. Counts do vary the normal functioning immune system). Fresh, local milk, from Northwest family farms. Supports immune and digestive health (the normal functioning of immune system). Free of gelatins, pectins or thickeners. For three generations now, our family has been working to make genuine, cultured foods that right way. It's the only way we know how! Enjoy! - The Keseys. As many live probiotics as we can fit in a cup! 41 billion probiotics. 11 probiotics strains, including Bifidobacterium lactis BB-12 The defender; L. Acidophilus LA-5 The builder; L. Casei The survivor; L. Rhamnosus LB3 The fighter. Pasteurized. Family owned & operated since 1960. Genuinely good food, Honestly good for you. Fresh local milk from Northwest family farms and billions of live cultures! That's all we need to make our delicious lowfat yogurt! Our milk is delivered fresh daily from local, Northwest farms. We pasteurize our milk, then carefully culture with live probiotics, including clinically documented strains. We never use gelatins, pectins or thickeners - our live cultures do the work. You'll taste the Nancy's difference in every spoonful! Family owned & operated since 1960. Grade A. Learn how our probiotic cultures survive to help defend, build, and fight for you at Please reduce, reuse, recycle. Made in Eugene, Oregon.