Naked 100% Juice Smoothie, Green Machine

Boosted. A blend of 5 juices with added ingredients. With other natural flavors. No sugar added. 170 calories per bottle. The Goodness Inside (per Bottle): 1-3/4 apples; 1/4 mango; 1/4 banana (sustainably grown & harvested); 1/4 kiwi; & a hint of pineapple (sustainably grown & harvested). Rainforest Alliance Certified: bananas; pineapples. Looks weird. Sip. Tastes amazing. Sip. Hey 10 green turbo-nutrients? Sip. Still looks weird. The Naked truth. We use only the freshest, purest stuff in the world and leave out everything else. No added sugar. No preservatives. Non-GMO. Vegan. Love this renewabottle. It's a bottle made from other bottles. 100% recycled and recyclable. 100% juice. All sugars come from the fruit and/or vegetables. Not a low calorie food. Gently pasteurized. Question or comments call (877) 858-4237. Please recycle. 100% recyclable. 100% recycled. 100% delicious.