Mom's Best® Crispy Cinnamon Rice® Cereal 11 oz. Box

Simple Goodness® PromiseWe promise to make cereals that balance great taste, quality ingredients, and affordability.Mom's Best® Cereals is everything you want in a cereal and nothing you don't. There's Better in Every Bowl.Minnesota-based, family-focused Mom's Best Cereals has always been committed to being better for families and the planet—today and tomorrow.For generations, we've considered future generations. Doing What's Right for Mother Earth.We're committed to showing Mother Earth the respect she deserves. That's why we purchase wind energy credits to offset 100% of the electricity used to make the cereal in this box.Our diligent recycling and water reduction efforts help conserve valuable natural resources for future generations. And the use of recycled paperboard to create this box—these are all just a handful of steps that we are taking to do what's right for Mother Earth. Mom's Best® Cereals, How the Best Days Begin Made with Renewable Wind Energy.