Mobilespec Cupholder Mount, 2 in 1

Includes: 1. Cupholder mount. 2. Magnet attachment. 3. Cradle attachment. 4. Magnetic plate (2). Connect. Listen. Live. Magnet. Cradle. Universal magnet and cradle cupholder mount. Magnet: Adhere magnetic plate to back of phone or insert between phone and case. Cradle: Push button on back to release clamps. Pinch clamps to secure phone. Cupholder Mount Features: Two mounting styles allow you to switch between magnet and cradle design. 3-way pivot arm easily adjusts for exact position. 360 degrees rotation provides the best visual angle. Adjustable base fits most cupholders. RoadPro Family of Brands. One-Year Limited Warranty: For product information, technical support and warranty information, please visit Proud sponsor of Brittany's Hope. Made in China.