Milkadamia® Unsweetened Vanilla Macadamia Milk 0.5 gal. Carton

Free-range trees. Nourished by nature. Moo is moot. Deliciously free of: dairy; soy; GMOs; gluten. Made from raw, not roasted nuts. The family-owned Jindilli farm is nestled in the hinterland of the eastern coast of Australia. Our macadamia groves are situated in the very region where the tree originated, with just the right combination of sunshine and rainfall to ensure the best tasting macadamias. Vanilla unplugged - sometimes it's the simple things - popping bubble wrap, skinny dipping, gentle morning sun on our face, smooth & creamy Milkadamia. OK maybe that one is just us. How to Milkadamia: Savor a superfood smoothie, melt into hot chocolate, bathe like Cleopatra - share how you milkadamia! (hashtag)how2milkadamia. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Pinterest. Visit us at Grown with love. Jindilli Farm Australia. Free-Range Trees: Trees supporting life, not trees on life support. Macadamia trees are in total harmony with the earth, nurtured by natural rainfall and sunshine. Dairy free. 50% more calcium than milk (Compared to 1% dairy milk). Excellent source of vitamin D & vitamin B12. Lactose free. Soy free. Vegan. Cholesterol free. Carrageenan free. Non GMO Project verified. Made in USA from Australian macadamias.