MI-DEL Candy Cane Cremes Cookies

Mi-Del Candy Cane Cremes Cookies Limited Edition. Peanut free. Simply Mi-Delicious™. Tingling taste sensations for the holidays! Made with the perfect blend of chocolate and peppermint, Mi-Del candy cane cremes burst with delicious cool minty flavor. Taste why they're Mi-Delicious™. For over 65 years, we've used the same simple baking methods... No artificial ingredients, just simply delicious cookies. Mi-Del candy cane cremes will satisfy your cookie cravings. Try the wholesome goodness of all our Mi-Del cookies. Graham crackers, including whole wheat honey snaps, made with organic ingredients. Gluten-free cookies. Sandwich cookies. panosbrands.com. midelcookies.com. ©2014 Panos Brands.