Meyenberg Goat Milk Vitamin D

Meyenberg® Goat Milk Vitamin D. Family owned since 1934. Grade A. Easy to digest! Ultra-pasteurized. One quart (946 ml). The Meyenberg® story: The Meyenberg tradition of quality goat milk began in the late 1800's when a Swiss immigrant brought the evaporating process for cow's milk to America. His son, John Meyenberg, had trouble digesting cow milk. Living on the green pastures of California, he discovered delicious, naturally homogenized, easy-to-digest goat's milk. John knew others would enjoy this "miracle" milk, so in 1934 he became the first & only American to evaporate goat's milk. He pledged his life to producing the highest quality, sweet, rich, all-natural goat milk. Over three generations, Meyenberg added fresh, whole and low-fat goat milk in cartons, plus whole and non-fat powdered goat milk. We also offer rich, European-Style Butter and Aged Goat Cheddar Cheese in our product family. The Meyenberg pledge to produce superior goat milk products continues today. Join our family in drinking to your nutrition and pleasure! Naturally gluten free, easy to digest choice for those sensitive to cow milk or soy products. Meyenberg Goat Milk products, like all goat milk products, are from goats that have not been treated with rBGH*. Delicious, creamy taste! High in calcium - Low in sodium. Available in whole or 1% low fat ultra-pasteurized, whole evaporated and powdered whole & non fat. Gourmet products. Award winning specialty products. Artisan Style. European Style Goat Butter & Aged Goat Cheddar. Family owned Meyenberg operates from central California's green valleys. We maintain the highest standards for producing 100% natural products. *According to the FDA, there is no significant difference in milk from rBGH treated cows and non-rBGH treated cows. FDA has determined that food products from cows treated with rBGH are safe for human consumption. Recyclable only where facilities exist. To find out, visit: Questions Comments Recipes Call 1-800-343-1185. Visit