Melissa & Doug Toy, Pretend to Spend Wallet

3+. Includes play money, cons, wire-on cards & coupon. For make-believe shopping & daily activities! Personalize cards for playtime fun! When you're ready for playtime errands, personalize the cards in your wallet, tuck away some play money, and head out on the town! (hashtag)CountlessWaysToPlay. Here are some of our ideas. Share yours! Count on it: Before going shopping, it's best to know how much money you have! Have kids sort and count the money in the wallet. Talk about the difference between the number of bills and coins and the value of them. Pick a Coin: Have kids close their eyes, pick a coin, and try to determine if it's a penny, nickel, dime, or quarter. If they're right, they keep the coin; if they're wrong, they put it back in the pile. Take turns - whoever ends up with the most coins wins! Map it: Have kids lay out the cards in the wallet and talk about how and where each is used. Hove kids draw a map of an imaginary town that includes all the places they might use the cards - library, grocery store, bank, etc. Have them include roads, a train station, and bus stops. Errand Day: Time to run some errands! Have kids imagine three places they have to go' today - return a library book, pick up some milk, etc. Have them choose and fill out the cards they'll need to run the errands. Mark with pencil and erase to reuse. See more ways to play at! We love feedback! Call us: 1-800-284-3948 Melissa & Doug products meet or exceed US testing standards and pass our high quality requirements.