Schweid & Sons The Chuck Brisket Fresh Ground Beef Burger 4 - 5.3 oz Patty

75% lean. 25% fat. Signature Series: The chuck brisket. A juicy burger made from a unique blend of whole premium cuts of chuck & brisket. Est. 1978. The very best burger. In the late 1800s, Harry Schweid started selling high quality meats to butchers and restaurants in New York City's Lower East side. By the 1940s, his son sam had his own business in Harlem, selling the best meat around. In 1978, we focused our expertise on one thing: Ground beef, today, that passion is carried on with a single-minded dedication to producing the best tasting, highest quality burgers. As Sam always said, if you put only good meat into your burgers, only good things will come out. We hope you agree. A signature recipe perfected over four generations. Buttery, robust flavor & soft airy texture. Made from hand-selected premium cuts of chuck & brisket.