Maxwell House Cafe Collection House Blend T-Discs, Decaffeinated, 16 ct - 4.45 oz Package

Discover the Tassimo Single Cup Home Brewing SystemTassimo gives everyone the beverage they want from the brands they love—all at the touch of a button. Each perfectly measured T Disc is sealed to preserve freshness and flavor. And our smart brewing machine ensures that every beverage is made the way it was meant to be—perfect every time!House Blend is a rich, balanced flavorful blend of 100% Arabica beans.Authentic VarietyWith Tassimo, each cup is freshly brewed to celebrate its true character, down to our real milk-based latte and cappuccino, to give you the taste you love.Choose from a variety of familiar and international brands for your perfect cup of...• Coffee• Cappuccino• Latte• Espresso• Crema• Tea• Hot chocolate