Matiz Peppers, Organic Piquillo

Rooted foods. Festival of St. Fermin Cabezon. Hand-picked and fire-roasted, these sweet red peppers come with a bit of a bite - the signature of a true Piquillo pepper from the region of Navara. Fantastic sauteed with garlic, stuffed with Bonito tuna or crabmeat, or eaten right out of the jar! Renown for out-of-this-world veggies, Navarra is also famous for the running of the bulls at the Festival of Saint Fermin, where the locals wear giant heads called Cabezones. Rooted Foods are authentic, native foods created by small, community-based producers. They represent a community, a region, and a way of life. By purchasing Rooted Foods, you directly strengthen the economic, social and environmental fabric of that community. To learn more, visit Non-GMO. Product of Spain.