Manischewitz Brownie Mix, Gluten Free, Chocolate, with Fudge Frosting

Pan included. Certified gluten-free. Over 120 years. L'Chaim! Kosher for Passover and all year round. Quality since 1888. For over 120 years Manischewitz has been committed to bringing you a variety of great tasting, authentic kosher food for Passover and all year-round. Thanks to you, we have become a leading provider of kosher food and America's number one baker of matzo. Enjoy Manischewitz Gluten Free Chocolate Brownie Mix and other delicious Manischewitz products that are gluten free: Gluten Free Cake Mixes; Gluten Free Noodles; Gluten Free Matzo Ball Mix; Gluten Free Crackers; Gluten Free Macaroons; Gluten Free Soup Mix; Gluten Free Matzo. This product is lactose free & vegetarian. This product is sold by weight not by volume. For great recipes, product information and more, long on to: Follow us: Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; Instagram. Printed on recycled paperboard. Product of USA.