Malt-O-Meal® Tootie Fruities® with Marshmallows Cereal 30 oz. ZIP-PAK

Tootie Fruities® with Marshmallows is bursting with fun, fruity flavors, bright colors...and marshmallows! Your cereal bowl will sing. You’ll get a dose of wholesome with all the fabulous, fruity marshmallow-y fun! Congratulations!You've got breakfast in the bag. Malt-O-Meal has been creating delicious, high-quality cereals for nearly a century. That's a pretty big deal and so is the bag you're holding. Bigger bags mean fewer trips to the store, and that saves time and money.There aren't many sure things in life, but you can always count on Malt-O-Meal for...Incredible taste at an everyday low price. ZIP-PAK® Resealable Packaging 30 Ounces - Super Size