Majans Bhuja Snacks, Nut Mix

Aromatic spices sprinkled over a wholesome nut medley that contrasts deliciously with crunchy nibbles and garden peas. Gluten free (Gluten not detected). 6 g protein per serving. No artificial colors or flavors. Ablaze with taste & goodness. Certified gluten-free. Non GMO Project verified. No preservatives. Certified non-GMO. Vegetarian friendly. Low glycemic index (Glycemic index less than 55). Wherever your journey takes you today, discover with Majans Bhuja Snacks. Bhuja snacks are a combination of wholesome ingredients blended in a secret recipe of all natural spices. We draw inspiration from an ancient time in the East when families used to roast their grains, nuts and pulses and blended them with all natural spices. As time went on and adventurers took long journeys, they traveled with a wholesome, yet convenient snack. Today, through our artistry in flavor, we follow time-honored recipes to add wholesome ingredients and delicately infuse them with aromatic spices. We create crunchy taste sensations that are better for you. Open a pack of Bhuja snacks and you hold adventure in the palm of your hand. A taste treat like nothing you've every experienced before. Go ahead, taste the magic in the mix! Sharing with the world. Questions or comments? Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. /bhujasnacks. Made in Australia. Made in Australia from local and imported ingredients.